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Flush Fit vs. Non-Flush Fit Engagement Rings

Flush Fit vs. Non-Flush Fit Engagement Rings

Our hope for your dream engagement ring is that it is designed to honor your personal design preferences and lifestyle, so deciding how you want it to sit on your finger is important! Engagement rings are designed not only as a symbol of love, but as a form of self-expression. This is why we always recommend considering the look and feel you want in your final wedding set when selecting your engagement ring! We encourage you to ask yourself questions like: do I want my ring to be tall or low profile? Do I have a wedding band in mind that I want my ring to sit with? Which style of ethically-sourced engagement ring is most conducive to my lifestyle? By asking these questions, you are setting yourself up for a ring you’ll love for life.

What is a Flush Fit?

Simply put, a flush fit setting engagement ring means that a wedding band will sit “flush” with your engagement ring. A flush fit allows you to have endless options of bands to stack seamlessly against your ring without any gaps or negative space. In order to allow for a flush fit, the center stone sits entirely on top of the band, making the ring a little bit taller to accommodate the necessary space below! Looking for inspo? Some of our most popular engagement rings are The Tara Solitaire, The Taylor Ring, and The Elle Solitaire!

The Tara Solitaire

 What is a Non-flush Fit?

A non-flush fit setting engagement ring has a feature that prevents a wedding band from sitting flush against the engagement ring. Typically, this is because the ring has a low sitting basket, like our Rachel Ring, or a design detail like a finger-line halo that extends past the band, as shown on our Chandler Ring. Because of this, there will be a varying amount of negative space between the engagement ring and wedding band. Many people love the look of this negative space, as it is a clear distinction between the engagement ring and wedding band! It also lends itself beautifully to a more era-inspired feel, as engagement rings have historically sat low to the finger. If you want a non-flush engagement ring with a flush fitlook, we recommend pairing your ring with an open or contoured wedding band, like our Lindsey, Selena, or Anna Bands! Bands like these pair beautifully with non-flush fit engagement rings because they sit intentionally around the details you love about your ring. 

The Rachel Ring 

Which Setting is Best?

Neither flush fit or non-flush fit is the “better” option! However, one or the other may give you the look or the comfort that you’re looking for in an engagement ring. Trust your instincts and consider your lifestyle, the final look you’re wanting, and what feels most like ‘you.’ These settings are simply designed to offer different styles for different people. The beauty of the modern age is that engagement rings are now meant to support the expression of your love, your style, and your values. The right way is your way. 

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