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Our Materials

With the right support and incentives, small-scale mining organizations offer the greatest opportunity for a positive social and environmental impact. This thoughtful approach goes further in addressing the real issues associated with gold mining including:

● Supporting socio-economic development of communities

● Environmental protection

● Good working conditions

● Traceability of Fairmined minerals

● Supporting socio-economic development of communities

Additionally, Ecological Fairmined Gold is extracted and processed without using any toxic chemicals, such as mercury, within the mining organization. You can learn more by visiting our Responsible Sourcing Page. 

Fairmined is an assurance label that provides the world with gold to be proud of: certified gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations working with the Fairmined standard. Choosing to build your jewelry with Eco Fairmined Gold supports the organizations who are passionate about mining in a way that respects the land and brings dignity to the community. This is the most direct way you can support a positive change in the way gold is mined.

Gold and platinum are naturally renewable resources, as they can be repeatedly recycled without degenerating the quality. The intention behind offering recycled gold and platinum is to decrease the global demand for mined gold as well as reduce the use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and catastrophic health threats to the local mining communities. However, this topic is far more complex. Traditional gold mining can pollute waterways with toxic waste that contains metals, arsenic, cyanide, mercury, and petroleum by-products. This threatens biodiversity in the ecosystem, as well as the waterways, for vulnerable nearby communities. Irresponsible mining has had a devastating and perhaps immeasurable impact on both humans and the environment. Furthermore, many gold mines are operated illegally by criminal cartels and corrupt governments, which can lead to forced child labor and abuse in mining communities. Mining as a whole is responsible for a multitude of human and environmental atrocities. These issues are complex with the need for action on many fronts. 

While recycled gold and platinum are not 100% free of pollution, they are much cleaner options, especially when partnered with a modern refinery that is committed to keeping emissions to the absolute minimum. There is no perfect solution yet, but we are committed to taking thoughtful and effective steps like these towards a more mindful and responsible approach to consumption. We will continue to pursue new developments in gold mining alternatives, such as Eco-Fairmined Gold, as we work together toward healthier communities and a recovering planet.

Offering recycled metals is one step towards a more mindful usage but there is more we can and should do. If this cause is of interest to you, we encourage you to learn more about Eco Fairmined Gold. This is the next step in addressing these complex issues and being a part of a true solution.

Champagne Gold is our own proprietary mixture that falls between Rose and Yellow Gold. It’s a softer hue that blends well with other metals.

An accessible, affordable, and truly ethical diamond option is long overdue. Today, we can finally say with confidence that science has caught up with nature. We are now able to grow real diamonds in a laboratory and the benefits are limitless! The production process of a lab-grown diamond is socially responsible, greatly reduces the negative environmental impact of traditional diamond mining, and allows diamonds to be more affordable than ever. 

Rest assured, lab-grown diamonds and earth mined diamonds have identical physical, chemical, and optical properties. They are the same material (carbon), and they perform the same way under the same conditions. Lab-grown diamonds are cultivated through the same processes as earth mined diamonds, from the crystallization process to the faceting and polishing by skilled diamond cutters around the world. Recently the FTC has expanded its definition of what constitutes a diamond to include "those grown in a laboratory." This begs the question, “What is the difference?” The 30-40% savings of a lab-grown diamond is significant. However, the most important difference between these diamonds is about much more than the dollars. We are passionate about creating jewelry with integrity, and that mission extends into our manufacturing process, use of recycled and fairmined metals, and close relationships, as well as providing gemstones for our clients that are unassociated with labor trafficking, human rights abuses, and poor environmental impact.

Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan. More recently, very large naturally occurring moissanite crystals have been found in Israel; however, the quality of this mined moissanite is not suitable for the purpose of jewelry. The moissanite you see on the market today is grown in a laboratory, making it a socially responsible and eco-friendly gemstone option. It is not a diamond, nor is it a fake diamond. Moissanite is its own special gemstone. And what a stone it is!

Though visually similar, moissanite and diamonds are completely different gemstones. Diamonds are made of carbon, while moissanite is made of silicon carbide. A moissanite out performs a diamond optically, while still being durable and scratch-resistant enough to be worn every day and last a lifetime. Best of all, moissanite costs substantially less than both earth mined and lab-grown diamonds, removing the need for compromise. Moissanite grants consumers the opportunity to choose the ring of their dreams, in the size of their dreams, without price being the deciding factor.

First and foremost, moissanite has its own chemical and physical properties and is its very own category of gemstone. Diamonds are made of Carbon while moissanite is made of Silicon Carbide. Though moissanite is different from diamonds, they are among a select few gemstones which possess a high enough refractive index to perform against light in the same way a diamond does. Moissanite actually outscores diamonds on several scales, including dispersion and refraction. Moissanite is a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, making them second only to diamonds in hardness. This means, just like diamonds, moissanite will not lose its brilliance or scratch over time the way other gemstones do.

We cannot provide exact price comparisons without first sourcing the actual stone due to the fact that the price of a diamond is determined by how it is graded on the “Four C's:” cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Diamond costs vary greatly depending on these factors, making it hard to assign a dollar amount to just the carat weight. The size of moissanite, however, is determined by measurement in millimeters, and has a much smaller spectrum of possible imperfections. Visit our Responsible Sourcing page for a general comparison chart of diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanite.

When it comes to converting the carat weight of diamonds into millimeter measurements of moissanite, it is important to understand that moissanite has a differing specific gravity than diamonds which means they will weigh differently even if they are the same size. This is why moissanite is not accurately measured in carat weight and can be quite misleading when advertised this way. For this reason, we have chosen to communicate the size in the actual millimeter measurement and provide an approximate carat weight conversion. You can view our full Conversion Chart here.

It is our mission to bring our clients several beautiful, affordable and ethical engagement ring options. We are not here to talk you into or out of anything, but rather present you with the facts and allow you to determine what fits your lifestyle, values, and budget.

TrueGem Moissanite is our very own brand of moissanite, of which we have designed every facet. Our mission is to ensure we are setting the best of the best center stones in our crafted rings and, because of this, all True Gem Moissanite is D-F in color and VVS1-VS1 in clarity. Our moissanite is also accompanied by a lifetime warranty because we fully believe in what we produce. 

We have developed relationships with sources that provide the absolute highest quality in rough moissanite; but what truly sets us apart from the competition is our faceting (cutting) philosophy. We work with skilled lapidary artists to perfect our faceting patterns, ensuring our moissanite is performing at its fullest potential no matter the shape. Most moissanite brands offer only a brilliant-style faceting pattern: this gives all of their stones the same look, which, while beautiful, is different from a diamond, especially in fancy shapes like oval, pear, and cushion. We worked tirelessly to develop multiple moissanite cutting techniques that enhance the natural fire and brilliance of moissanite while embracing the more complex optics of a diamond. By offering both a brilliant cut faceting pattern and a modern cut faceting pattern, we are able to give you the opportunity to choose what fits your style best. 

To read more about the differences in our faceting patterns, visit the following section of our FAQ page: "What Is The Difference Between Your Moissanite Facet Patterns?" All in all, we developed TrueGem Moissanite because we wanted to continue to develop new cuts and shapes as we push the envelope and show the world what is possible with moissanite.

The Moissanite Industry is still quite small. Currently, there are three places in the world where moissanite is grown: India, China, and North Carolina. India and China source moissanite rough and cut it themselves, while several American companies source their rough moissanite in North Carolina and then send it to be cut in India.

Each of these labs tends to have different shapes and facet patterns in which they excel. We source our moissanite from North Carolina, India, and China and have them cut in different locations depending on the strengths of that particular lab. The most important step to ensuring our True Gem Moissanite meets the highest market standards is placing these stones through our intensive quality control process and only accepting stones that meet our strict color and cut expectations.

Recently, our team has discovered a great deal of misinformation floating around about Chinese moissanite versus American moissanite. It is so important to embrace and unpack this conversation, as it addresses a prejudice within the jewelry industry that adversely affects members of the AAPI communities around the world, as well as here in the USA. We stand by our relationships and our partners in China and surrounding countries on the topic of quality, ethics, and responsibility. For us to refer to a product as “lesser than” based on its country of origin would be misguided, misinformed, and would violate our True Gem Core Values.

Since our partners travel to meet our sources in person and develop actual relationships with each lab, we can tell you from personal experience that moissanite sourced locally does not exceed nor fall short of the quality of the moissanite grown around the world. Our moissanite is backed with a lifetime warranty, regardless of its origin, because we wholeheartedly believe in the quality of the product we provide.

We have developed relationships with sources that provide the absolute highest quality in rough moissanite, but what truly sets us apart from the competition is our faceting (cutting) philosophy. We work with skilled lapidary artists to perfect our facet patterns, ensuring our moissanite is performing at its fullest potential no matter the shape. We’ve spent countless hours designing and developing our facet patterns to be certain that we are putting out moissanite that is the best of the best. Over the years, we have done a lot of listening to our clients and it's been clear that there is a high demand for moissanite stones that more closely resemble a diamond. So, we worked hard with your vision in mind  to develop facet pattern(s) that best suit each shape and give you options that we are proud of.

Hearts & Arrows
Our round Hearts & Arrows cut moissanite is The True Gem version of the modern Ideal Cut, made specifically for round stones. It is the most updated and  diamond-like pattern available in any shape.

Brilliant Cut
Rough moissanite has twice the refraction of a diamond, so when it is cut to its highest light-return potential (a brilliant cut) it far outperforms a diamond and has a different look all together. It is often referred to as a “disco ball” or “rainbow” effect. We currently offer oval and cushion brilliant cut moissanite.

Modern Cut 
Alternatively, moissanite can be cut in a way that enhances the beauty of its natural refractive abilities while reflecting more white light, known as brilliance. This results in a beautiful, more diamond-like sparkle. We offer both oval and cushion cuts in our Modern Cut faceting pattern.

Old Cut
Our Old European Cuts (Round) and Old Mine Cuts (Cushion and Oval) are based on the diamond faceting patterns from the mid-1800s through the early 1900s. These antique patterns feature an open culet and large, flowery facets that refract fewer but larger flashes of light.

Our fancy shapes like marquise, pear, and radiant are offered in one facet pattern option, which is considered a “hybrid” of our modern and brilliant cutting techniques. We designed these patterns to be the best overall representation of these shapes.

Just like shapes and settings, there isn’t one facet pattern that is better than the rest. The best choice is the one that makes you happiest!

Our Jewelry

Most of our rings can be adapted for any center stone shape, and because we are a custom-based company, we are happy to modify any True Gem design to better suit your personal style preferences. In order to provide the most accurate reflection of what your finished product will come to be, the first step in the modification process is the creation and approval of a CAD render. “CAD” is a Computer-Aided Design software that produces a digital, 2D image of your personalized design, which ensures expectations of the final product are clear and that both parties are on the same page as we work together to bring your dream ring to life. 

This process will require a non-refundable $250 deposit that is fully credited towards the total purchase amount of the final product. To modify a True Gem design, please contact our design team to begin the process! 

Please note: If you are on a time restraint due to an upcoming event, it is especially important to keep in mind the estimated 6-week turnaround once production has begun. We also highly recommend taking a moment to review the return policy section on our FAQ Page prior to the start of production on your modified design.

Because we are a company that specializes in creating high-end jewelry, we work heavily with 18k gold as opposed to 14k. We prefer to use 18k because of its longevity and very pure alloys, plus, it is composed of 75% gold versus 14k at roughly 58%. 

While some believe 14k is less malleable, therefore lending it to be “more durable,” the truth is, 18k and 14k can be of equal durability when made by skilled professionals. These professionals are adept at treating the metal through temper and work hardening to achieve optimal hardness without compromising the integrity of the ring. It is the alloys that affect durability rather than the percentage of gold used, and we pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality alloys available. This makes our 18k recycled gold mixtures some of the most desirable in the world!

Of course, we are still more than happy to fulfill your request for a 14k gold piece. To learn more about our 14k gold options, you can contact our team directly.

Our goal is to offer our customers a plethora of options allowing them to decide what they most want, and what is fitting to their unique situation. With this in mind, we are more than happy to set your existing diamond, moissanite, or colored gemstone into a True Gem ring or a custom design! 

The first step in this process is to send your stone or heirloom piece in for an inspection by our Master Jeweler. They will thoroughly assess the current condition of your stone to be sure it is free of any major chips or damage so we can create your new piece of jewelry safely and securely.  From there we will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life with the creation of a CAD render. “CAD” is a Computer-Aided Design software that produces a digital, 2D image of your soon-to-be dream ring. This process will require a non-refundable $250 deposit that is fully credited towards the total purchase amount of the final product. Once you approve your CAD render it is up to us to give your stone new life. Please contact the design team to begin the process!

We understand the desire to use every piece of your heirloom jewelry; however, there are a few reasons we are unable to work with heirloom gold. Gold can be made with a variety of different alloys. These different alloys, when melted and recast, can become very brittle. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know how the specific gold will react until after it has already been melted and cast. For this reason, we are not able to speak to the long-term structural integrity of the item and we want your new piece to last a lifetime. 

Additionally, the process of refining gold is a very specialized one that must be conducted in a specific type of chemistry lab environment. Because of this, there are typically very high costs involved with refining small quantities of gold at a time. While it is not uncommon for jewelers to use heirloom gold, it is rare for jewelers to properly refine the gold before using it, increasing the likelihood of porosity in the metal and structural instability. This is not something that aligns with our ethos.

Lastly, we insist on color consistency. Because of the unknown alloys in the heirloom gold, the color will not be consistent with the colors that we advertise. All of the colors offered by The True Gem are based on a specific blend of gold and alloy. When using unknown metals, there is no way to match them to what we offer. Though we do not work with heirloom gold, we are more than happy to reset your heirloom stones.

We do offer text engravings for a $35 flat fee. You may choose from Arial, Times New Roman, or Script and are allowed up to 15 characters total. Engravings are placed on the inside of rings and can be placed on rings as thin as 1.5mm, however, we recommend widths 2mm and above for the best visual aesthetic. By law, all rings must include a metal quality stamp which is standard for fine jewelry, and we like to share this information proactively.

We ask that you please be thoughtful with your pieces. All fine jewelry is made with malleable precious metals, so it is certainly not indestructible. While hand sanitizer will not harm jewelry, to keep your ring looking its best, you should avoid harsh chemicals, lotions, hairsprays, and detergents when possible. We do not recommend exercising, lifting weights, sleeping, swimming, or showering in your jewelry. If harsh chemicals are unavoidable, or if you do choose to participate in the aforementioned activities while wearing your ring, we highly recommend cleaning your jewelry afterward to keep it looking its best. 

The fastest and most convenient way to clean your fine jewelry is with a cleaner intended for jewelry or by using our eco-friendly, non-toxic True Gem Jewelry Cleaner available on our website. You can also use a gentle household solution such as Palmolive or Dawn diluted in a glass of warm water. Allow your ring to soak for 10 minutes and use a dedicated soft-bristled toothbrush to gently remove lotion, hairspray, hand soap, etc. from behind and on top of the stones. Rinse and allow your piece to dry.

It can also be helpful to use a microfiber lens cloth to remove fingerprints from the tops of your gemstones. The most proactive way to avoid wear and tear is to ensure your jewelry is the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. 

In order to keep any piece of jewelry under our extended warranty program, an annual True Gem inspection and cleaning are required. For more information, please review our extended warranty policy by visiting the following section of our FAQ Page: “Is There A Warranty Program?”

Not everyone wears an even size, and many individuals wear quarter sizes such as a 6.75. Since we craft your rings with care one at a time, we would love an opportunity to get it right the first time. Besides, no newly engaged person is excited to give up their ring for a resizing! We highly recommend having your finger professionally sized at a local company that specializes in fine jewelry (rather than costume jewelry) prior to ordering. If this is not possible, many of our clients have purchased finger sizers from Amazon for roughly $7.

In most circumstances, you will want the ring to fit tightly enough that it takes a few side-to-side movements to pull the ring over your knuckle and off the finger. If you are able to pull the ring on and off in one motion, this typically means it needs to come down in size. It is very common for fingers to swell in the heat and shrink in the cold. Because of this, we recommend choosing a ring size that fits the best year-round, as it will not always fit perfectly. This decision should be made on a day when your fingers feel most “normal.”

We want you to feel confident with your purchase, and because of this, our warranty we are happy to resize your ring once within 180 days of your purchase, at no cost (minus the insured shipping label). Please reach out to your Design Consultant or contact our client care team to inform us about your resizing needs.

First and foremost, The True Gem Company firmly believes in standing by our ethos across the board. We recognize the importance of paying our employees a fair and livable wage, sourcing the highest quality moissanite on the market, prioritizing the planet with our selections of metals, diamonds, and gemstones, and individually crafting our rings instead of having them mass produced. Very few of these things are going to result in the cheapest option; we know this. Our ethos is what sets us apart from a lot of our competition and we are proud every day to commit to sustainable and ethical practices, even if it results in a slightly higher price tag. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the quality, design, and integrity of each piece of jewelry from The True Gem and we proudly support this with our unmatched extensive warranties, which you can learn more about by visiting the following section of our FAQ Page: “Is There A Warranty Program?” We believe that our people are our biggest asset. Our dedication to our team members creates a dynamic that is people-centric and trickles down to our clients in the way of incomparable client service. We hope that you, our client, will see and feel the difference as we continue to challenge the standards of the jewelry industry. We believe that it is time for a new normal.

Simply put, black rhodium is a way to coat your piece in a rich, dark grey metal, giving it a unique ‘black gold’ look. You may be familiar with the term “dipping,” as it’s often used when referring to the electromagnetic plating on white gold. Black rhodium is the same process, just a deep grey color. Rhodium is part of the platinum family and works extremely well. It is semi-permanent, meaning it will fade naturally throughout your lifetime; however, we will re-coat your piece every time it comes in for its yearly inspection to ensure it looks its best! We are happy to “dip” your piece in either black or white rhodium by request. 

Shipping + Handling


Orders within the United States will be shipped via FedEx or UPS (tracked and fully insured) and will be delivered in approximately 1-2 business days. Please be aware that all shipments are insured and will require an adult signature for delivery. If you are not able to sign for your shipment please contact the team to make other arrangements.


Placed Through a Design Consultant
International orders placed through a Design Consultant are shipped via FedEx Priority or UPS (tracked and fully insured) and can take up to approximately 3-6 days to be delivered depending on customs. All orders shipped internationally are subject to customs and/or VAT fees depending on the country. We are not responsible for such fees and encourage you to research your countries’ potential fees before placing your order.

Placed Through our Website with Global-E
International orders placed online through Global-E are shipped via DHL Express (tracked and fully insured) and can take up to approximately 3-6 days to be delivered depending on customs. All orders shipped internationally are subject to customs and/or VAT fees depending on the country. The method by which taxes and duties are received and paid through Global-E will vary depending upon each country’s laws and regulations. Some countries will include taxes and duties as part of the product price, some countries will present the option to add taxes and duties to the purchase, and other countries will allow for taxes and duties to be paid upon arrival of the shipment. We are not responsible for such fees and encourage you to research your countries’ potential fees before placing your order. 

Countries We Ship To Through Global-E:
Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Albania, Armenia, Netherlands, Antilles, Argentina, American Samoa, Austria, Australia, Aruba, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbados, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Benin, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahamas, Bhutan, Botswana, Belarus, Belize, Canada, Cook Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Djibouti, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Algeria, Ecuador, Estonia, Egypt, Spain, Ethiopia, Germany, Fiji, Falkland Islands, Micronesia, Faroe Islands, France, Grenada, Georgia, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guinea, Guadeloupe, Greece, Israel, Italy, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Hong Kong, Honduras, Croatia, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland (Republic of), India, Iceland, Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Kiribati, Comoros, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Korea (South), Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Kazakhstan, Laos, Lebanon, Saint Lucia, Liechtenstein, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Morocco, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, Madagascar, Marshall Islands, North Macedonia, Mongolia, Macau, Northern Mariana Islands, Martinique, Mauritania, Montserrat, Malta, Mauritius, Maldives, Malawi, Mexico, Malaysia, Romania, Namibia, Russia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, Nepal, Nauru, Niue, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Peru, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Palau, Paraguay, Qatar, Reunion, Serbia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Sudan, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, San Marino, Senegal, Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, El Salvador, Swaziland, Turks and Caicos Islands, Thailand, Tunisia, Tonga, East Timor, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Vietnam, Vanuatu, Samoa, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Finland, Guatemala, Guam, Mozambique, New Caledonia, Philippines, St Barthelemy, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba, Curacao


Repair orders within the United States will be shipped via FedEx or UPS (tracked and fully insured) with the below shipping options of your choice: 

$35 for Two-Day Ground Shipping (US Only) (one-way, The True Gem will cover shipping back to you)

$80 for Overnight Shipping (US Only) (this fee will cover shipping to The True Gem as well as back to you) 

Please be aware that all shipments are insured and will require an adult signature for delivery. If you are not able to sign for your shipment please contact the team to make other arrangements.


International Repair orders are shipped via FedEx Priority or UPS for a shipping fee of $75USD (tracked and fully insured) and can take up to approximately 3-6 days to be delivered depending on customs. All orders shipped internationally are subject to customs and/or VAT fees depending on the country. We are not responsible for such fees and encourage you to research your countries’ potential fees before placing your order. 

All of our creations are crafted to the specifications of your ring size, metal, and center stone selections. This means that we do not have your ring in stock and will manufacture it after your order is placed. Our current production time is approximately 3-6 weeks from the time your order is placed to the time it is shipped. You can find the production time of each design by visiting its product page directly. Our team will contact you within two business days of your purchase to confirm your expected ship date.


We greatly appreciate your business and we want you to be thrilled with your jewelry. If for any reason you are not, please contact us immediately with your concerns. 

For a full refund, the jewelry must be returned within 30 days of the delivery date. Please contact us prior to shipping so we can provide you with an insured shipping label.  The pieces must be unworn and accompanied by the appraisal, boxes, original packaging, and all warranty cards.

For “Running Line” Returns Within 30 Days of Delivery
If you decide to return or exchange your fine jewelry, engagement ring, and/or center stone within 30 days of the delivery date, you are entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee.* You may choose to remake the ring at no penalty or have the original purchase price returned to you in the form of cash back or store credit. Domestic shipping fees will be returned. International shipping fees will not be returned. 

*This policy pertains to “Running Line” pieces only. No modifications or custom designs will be eligible.

For “Modification” Returns Within 30 Days of Delivery
For a modified ring returned within 30 days, you are eligible for a 90% money-back.

For “Custom Design” Returns Within 30 Days of Delivery
Custom-designed pieces are neither returnable nor refundable, but they are exchangeable through our Trade-In Program. Please contact our team for more information.

*Custom cut stones are not eligible for a refund. Custom cut stones are defined as any stone not available directly through our website.

For Returns After 30 Days of Delivery 
For returns on engagement rings, wedding bands and lifestyle pieces after 30 days of delivery, please contact our team for more information on our Trade-In Program.


You can view availability and book your appointment by clicking here.* We highly recommend taking a few minutes to look over our FAQ Page prior to your appointment. This will ensure your experience with us is as productive as possible and will allow the maximum amount of time to discuss your dream ring!

*If your appointment falls on a Saturday, or you arrive on a weekday at any time past 6:00 pm, please give us a call so we can allow you access to our building and showroom.

Absolutely! As a custom-based jewelry company, we specialize in custom design and thoroughly enjoy working closely together to create a piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style and lasts a lifetime. We also offer modifications to the fine jewelry available on our website. Want to add a cathedral to a Taylor Ring or a halo to a Tara Solitaire? We’d be happy to! Modifications are an easy way to take our designs and adjust them to fit your vision. 

There are two main differentiating factors between full-custom pieces, modifications, and ordering directly from our website: timeline and pricing. Both of these are explained in further detail on our Custom Design Page.

We are happy to resize your ring once within 180 days of your purchase, at no cost (minus the insured shipping label). Please reach out to your Design Consultant or contact our client care team to inform us about your resizing needs. We will then provide you with an insured shipping label for your ring. If you have already resized your ring once or have worn your ring for over a year, we do charge a fee for resizing. This fee is determined by the labor required and how much the ring size needs to be adjusted.

Most designs cannot withstand sizing more than 1.5 sizes without compromising the structural integrity and potentially causing long-term maintenance issues. If your ring style does not allow us to resize your ring without compromising the structural integrity of the piece, we will remake your ring one time in our normal production timeline at no cost to you, within the first year. 

At this time we do not offer resizing services on pieces that were not made by The True Gem.

Under our TrueGem Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee, we cover any craftsmanship defects as well as an optional free annual inspections, maintenance and cleaning for the lifetime fo your piece to ensure your jewelry can be enjoyed even by future generations. Please call or email our team for shipping instructions.

We also offer a TrueGem Lifestyle Care Plan that allows for continued maintenance and repair services. You can learn more about this program by visiting the following section of our FAQ Page: “Is There A Warranty Program?”

Any repair work performed by jewelers outside of The True Gem must be disclosed to us when sending in your ring for further repairs. Otherwise, The True Gem reserves the right to refuse the financial burden of the necessary repairs, as we can only guarantee our own work. Any such damage will temporarily void your warranty until the necessary repairs are completed by our company and paid for by the client, at which point the warranty will be eligible for reinstatement.

At this time we do not offer repair services on pieces that were not made by The True Gem.

All purchases from The True Gem (including loose diamonds, moissanites, gemstones, and engagement ring settings without center stones) are accompanied by an appraisal provided by The True Gem for insurance replacement purposes.* 

Moissanite center stones by The True Gem and Charles & Colvard come with corresponding warranty cards. You are responsible for registering your warranty cards.

We strongly recommend insuring your jewelry against damage, loss, and theft. Visit www.jewelersmutual.com for a free quote.

*Although we are able to provide appraisal services of incomplete pieces upon special request, it is very important to understand that your ring will need to be re-appraised once the piece is complete in order for it to be insured, as most insurance companies require an appraisal of the full and complete piece of jewelry, not just part of the piece. This means that  most insurance companies will not agree to insure a piece of jewelry if it is accompanied by an appraisal of the ring setting only, or if it is accompanied by an appraisal of the center stone only. We also recommend that you use a Certified Jewelry Appraiser in order to get a fair and accurate appraisal of your items.

Neither the TrueGem Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee or TrueGem Lifestyle Care Plan cover entire loss, theft, or mysterious disappearance. In these instances, you will need insurance through any third-party organization which offers this coverage. Many clients opt to get their jewelry insured through their homeowner’s or renters’ insurance policies to cover the loss of their jewelry. These policies’ coverages vary depending on variables discussed at the time of your enrollment with your insurer.  Before going the route of insuring your jewelry through homeowners’ or renters’ policies we encourage you to talk with your agent to validate what is or isn’t covered.

We recommend Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance as a provider for replacement coverage on all your jewelry. We have worked with Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance for many years and have been satisfied with their claims and replacement process. You can get a live quote for your annual premium directly from their website.

Every piece of True Gem jewelry is covered by our Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee, which covers any craftsmanship defects. With the right care, your True Gem piece is intended to be worn every day and last a lifetime. Our Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee also covers optional free annual inspections, maintenance, and cleaning for the lifetime of your piece to ensure your jewelry can be enjoyed even by future generations. Return ground shipping is also included once yearly, with the option to purchase expedited overnight shipping. Have a question about our TrueGem Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee? Read more about it on our Care Plan page.

For those jewelry lovers who seek even more comprehensive coverage, we offer the TrueGem Lifestyle Care Plan. When you love and wear your jewelry as much as we do, life happens. Our Lifestyle Care Plan offers exceptional value and peace of mind with the assurance that repairs and replacements will be performed by a trusted True Gem jeweler.

While fine jewelry is not designed to be worn in every situation, we know that life happens and oftentimes removing your ring on the go is as much of a risk as wearing it. And yet, it seems that most fine jewelry brands have cleverly defined “normal wear and tear” as a just-out-of-reach standard that isn’t conducive to daily life (and the occasional mishaps that life can bring.) We wanted to introduce an entirely different approach; a plan that gives you the confidence to wear your jewelry every day and the confidence to know it will be protected if an accident should happen.

This deductible plan covers repair and replacement services up to the total purchase price of your piece in the event of accidental damage. It is valid for the lifetime of your piece or until the cost of the repairs has reached the total purchase price of the piece itself. The purchase price does not include any shipping, taxes, or fees. If the repair value of your ring has been reached, you have the option to purchase another plan to restore your coverage. Lifestyle Care Plans are priced based on the cost of your piece at the time of purchase.

Have a question about our TrueGem Lifestyle Care Plan? Visit our Services Page to read more and view our Care Plan pricing.

Our TrueGem Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee is included with every purchase of a True Gem product. This plan covers any craftsmanship defects for a lifetime.

Our TrueGem Lifestyle Care Plan is available to all clients who have previously purchased jewelry from our company, as well as clients who purchase from us moving forward. This is an optional deductible program, which covers repair and replacement services up to the total purchase price of your piece in the event of accidental damage.

To give back to our community and connect with you all in more tangible ways than before, we are have recently launched a True Gem Membership Program. This will give our current and prospective clients the opportunity to receive and gather points through social media actions, purchases, and True Gem community engagement and allow them to redeem those points for perks like free expedited shipping, dollars off, or even free products. Our new membership consists of three tiers, with each tier offering additional benefits. Learn more by visiting our True Gem Membership Page.

We are always looking for ways to give back to The True Gem Community! Enjoy 10% off your True Gem purchase if you are a:

Doctor or Nurse
First Responder
Military or Veteran

Contact our team directly to receive this discount.

*Verifying your profession with documentation or identification is required. Discount does not apply to diamond center stones or loose gemstones. Given the size of our small company, we are unfortunately unable to make exceptions beyond the professions outlined above at this time. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to further developing this program as we continue to grow.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

For online purchases, we offer financing services through ShopPay for domestic clients and financing services through Global-E for international clients. This option allows us to create and ship your ring as you continue to make payments.

For in-person purchases, we also offer financing services through Synchrony Bank for domestic clients. This option allows us to create and ship your ring as you continue to make payments. Synchrony offers 6 and 12-month deferred interest loan terms, meaning you will not pay any interest as long as your entire balance on the loan is paid off by the end of the chosen term date.


You can trade in your True Gem engagement ringcenter stonewedding band, or lifestyle piece for any other True Gem piece(s) on our website as long as your new purchase isdouble or greater the amount of your trade-in credit.

A trade-in credit is the amount of money we will offer you for your original piece of jewelry to be applied towards your new purchase!

You will be able to utilize up to 50% of your original purchase price towards your new setting! (This does not include the center stone). Our manufacturing team will inspect your piece thoroughly to assign a value based upon its current condition.

100% of what you paid for your original center stone will be applied towards the purchase of a new stone. This means, if you paid $5,000 for your center stone then we will give you a $5,000 credit to be used towards a new stone, wedding band, and/or lifestyle piece(s) that is $10,000+ in total. 

Absolutely! You can trade-in and upgrade to a diamond as long as the new stone is double or greater the price of your original center stone.

No, all that we require is that you meet the credit threshold! Engagement rings can be traded in for wedding bands and/or lifestyle pieces and vice versa. 

No, you must use your trade-in credit at the time of purchase.

If the total of your new piece doesn't quite reach the credit threshold of double or greater, then you can add as many pieces of True Gem jewelry that you’d like until you’ve met the minimum requirement.

Yes! As long as you remain above the credit threshold.

We will inspect your piece to determine if it is eligible for our Restored Program. If it is determined that your piece has little to no signs of wear, then it is eligible for our Restored Program where we will restore it like new to then be sold at a discounted price.

If you choose to not trade and want to keep your original jewelry, it will be kept as is fortwo weeksafter the ship date of your new piece. However, once those two weeks have passed, your original jewelry will be considered property of The True Gem.

Step 1: Purchase an insured shipping label here.

Step 2: Send your piece to our True Gem office at 2626 Cole Ave suite 800, Dallas, TX 75204, so it can be inspected by a member of our team who will then reach out to you.

Step 3:After you have received your credit amount, you must then select True Gem jewelry that meets the credit threshold of at least double or greater the price of your trade-in credit. 


The True Gem Membership is our way of giving back to both our current and prospective clients in a tangible way. It is a points-based rewards program that gives us the exciting opportunity to provide our TG Community with perks like free expedited shipping, dollars off future purchases, and more.

Points can be earned from social media actions and purchases! For example, you can earn points for signing up for our newsletter, following us on Instagram, or by making a purchase.

Membership is completely free! You can even earn redeemable points without making a single purchase, though making purchases is the easiest way to accumulate points for future rewards.

Points aqcuired through free actions are applied to your account immediately. Points from purchases take 30 days to be applied to your account, in case you choose to utilize our 30 day full refund return policy.

Your points never expire if you remain a member of the program.  If you opt out / unsubscribe, your points will be unavailable at that point. 

If you decide to return your item for money back, your points will also be removed from your account. If you are exchanging your piece or taking advantage of our Buy Back Program, we will only remove the points from your account if we owe you a difference in money.

You can redeem your points directly on our Membership page. This will provide you with a voucher to use at checkout.

We are happy to award points to any purchase within 30 days.  You will still need to sign up for an account and opt into our program. After that you can reach out to our team to add the points to your account.

Absolutely! If you would like to redeem points at your in-studio appointment, let your design consultant know before purchasing

If you purchased in-store and did not have your points applied, you can reach out to your design consultant directly and they will assist you. Please note this must be requested within 30 days of your purchase.

As soon as you are enrolled in the program you have access to exclusive voucher discounts.  Aside from “Money-Off” vouchers, we will also be providing exclusive access to new launches, access to VIP events, and much more dependent on your Tier Level.  This information will be shared with our members via email and newsletter.

The intent behind this program was to allow us to engage with our community and reward those who have been so loyal to us throughout the years.  The program will continue to evolve and develop as time goes on, so keep engaging with us and we will keep the perks coming!

You cannot use your points for any services, which includes a repair / return / exchange shipping label, any repair fees, or our TrueGem Lifestyle Care Plan.