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Black Rhodium: What Is It?

Black Rhodium: What Is It?

So, you’re ready to tie the knot but you want to defy tradition with an edgy look…black rhodium might be exactly what you’re looking for! After you’ve decided on your ethically-sourced engagement ring, wedding band, or lifestyle piece, you’ll select what precious metal (like Platinum or your favorite shade of 18k Gold) you want your piece crafted in. But it doesn’t end there– you also have the option to add a black rhodium finish, which plates your piece of jewelry with a deep, blackish gray that immediately adds a bold, unexpected look.

What is Rhodium? What’s the difference between Black and White Rhodium?

Rhodium, often referred to as White Rhodium, is a durable and resilient metal with a bright white metallic  tone that is used to electromagnetically plate fine jewelry. Almost all forms of White Gold are electroplated with rhodium to give it that bright white appearance. So, what is black rhodium? Exactly what it sounds like! Black rhodium is a dark, metallic gray plating composed of rhodium and other metals that can coat any of our precious metal selections and give them a cool, edgy aesthetic.

Plating: What Is It? How long does it last?

Plating is simply a metal coating that goes on top of another metal. Both Black and White Rhodium are semi-permanent platings, meaning they will fade naturally over time the more you wear your piece. The color of your original metal will show through as the rhodium fades or scratches off. Don’t worry–when you send in your piece for yearly maintenance, we re-plate your piece every time to make sure it remains looking its best! Deciding to make your jewelry black rhodium plated is a commitment. While the most rhodium can be removed from metal surfaces, there are areas such as in between pave and micro-prongs that cannot be reached by a polisher and therefore remain plated.

How To Take Care of Black Rhodium:

As with any other metal, exposure to abrasion and harsh chemicals can wear down your jewelry at an expedited rate. Avoid this by reducing strenuous activities such as weight lifting, playing sports, cleaning, or other strenuous tasks when wearing your fine jewelry. We also recommend avoiding heavy chemical exposure when you have a plated piece, so taking your jewelry off when you swim, wash your hands, or when using sanitizer will help extend the longevity of your black or white rhodium. Tiny steps like this will help you keep your jewelry looking good as new for as long as possible.

Does It Cost Extra?

Black Rhodium is an additional option at no extra cost that we offer in all of our fine jewelry. This black finish has no limits when it comes to engagement rings, wedding bands, andlifestyle pieces. All you have to do is request “yes” or “no” under our “Black Rhodium” section when choosing your selected piece, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I want it removed?

Black rhodium is removed by polishing it off and revealing the 18k gold or platinum underneath! Rhodium canmostly be removed; however, there are a few spots that cannot be reached, like behind or underneath diamonds or in tiny crevices. Though these areas are small, it is important to be fully informed that black rhodium is not always entirely removable when making the decision to add it to your ring. 

Final Thoughts

Black Rhodium jewelry is the perfect choice for those who like a unique aesthetic and want to go the non-traditional route. Its deep hue allows for stones to stand out against the metal, giving an appearance that many people find unconventional and pleasantly surprising! Like all fine jewelry, especially plated fine jewelry, Black Rhodium pieces must be taken care of but we do our part to have your back with our yearly maintenance program! If you are interested in a Black Rhodium finish, our design team is ready to help and would be happy to show you examples and answer any questions you may have via a virtual or in-person consultation! Visit our website to book your virtual consultation or in-person appointment at our Dallas showroom.

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