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Introducing our Trade-In Program!

Introducing our Trade-In Program!

As we grow and evolve as individuals and as couples, so does our personal aesthetic! With this in mind, we’re excited to offer our community The True Gem Trade-In Program. If you currently own a True Gem piece, and you are interested in upgrading or you want to discover something entirely new to call forever yours, then our Trade-In Program was designed just for you. Keep reading below to learn all about how it works.

What Can I Trade-In?

You can trade in your True Gem engagement ringcenter stonewedding band, or lifestyle piece for any other True Gem piece(s) on our website as long as your new purchase isdouble or greater the amount of your trade-in credit.

What is a Trade-In Credit?

A trade-in credit is the amount of money we will offer you for your original piece of jewelry to be applied towards your new purchase!

How Many Credits do I receive for an Engagement Ring Setting, Wedding Band, or Lifestyle Piece?

You will be able to utilize up to 50% of your original purchase price towards your new setting! (This does not include the center stone). Our manufacturing team will inspect your piece thoroughly to assign a value based upon its current condition.

How Many Credits do I receive for a Center Stone?

100% of what you paid for your original center stone will be applied towards the purchase of a new stone. This means, if you paid $5,000 for your center stone then we will give you a $5,000 credit to be used towards a new stone, wedding band, and/or lifestyle piece(s) that is $10,000+ in total. 

Can I Trade-In My Moissanite Center Stone for a Lab Grown Diamond?

Absolutely! You can trade-in and upgrade to a diamond as long as the new stone is double or greater the price of your original center stone.

Do I Have To Trade For the Same Jewelry Type?

No, all that we require is that you meet the credit threshold! Engagement rings can be traded in for wedding bands and/or lifestyle pieces and vice versa. 

Can I Keep My Existing Credit to Use In the Future? 

No, you must use your trade-in credit at the time of purchase.

What If I Don't Reach the Credit Threshold?  

If the total of your new piece doesn't quite reach the credit threshold of double or greater, then you can add as many pieces of True Gem jewelry that you’d like until you’ve met the minimum requirement.

Can I Use My Membership Points or Military Discount?


Yes! As long as you remain above the credit threshold.


What Happens to My True Gem Piece Once it is Traded In? 

We will inspect your piece to determine if it is eligible for our Restored Program. If it is determined that your piece has little to no signs of wear, then it is eligible for our Restored Program where we will restore it like new to then be sold at a discounted price

What If I Change My Mind, and Want to Keep My Current Ring?

If you choose to not trade and want to keep your original jewelry, it will be kept as is fortwo weeks after the ship date of your new piece. However, once those two weeks have passed, your original jewelry will be considered property of The True Gem.

How To Apply For Our Trade-In Program!

Step 1: Purchase an insured shipping label here.

Step 2: Send your piece to our True Gem office at 2626 Cole Ave suite 800, Dallas, TX 75204, so it can be inspected by a member of our team who will then reach out to you.

Step 3:After you have received your credit amount, you must then select True Gem jewelry that meets the credit threshold of at least double or greater the price of your trade-in credit. 

Still Interested?

For further Trade-In questions, please reach out to our design team at hello@thetruegem.com, and we are more than happy to help you find and acquire your dream piece!

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