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FAQ About the Ambassador Program

As long as you are 21 and older you can apply ❤️

As a True Gem Ambassador, you will play a part in diversifying the fine jewelry community by proudly modeling the True Gem designs that we send to you. You will have an active role in The True Gem by influencing our direction as a company with your passions, ideas, and charitable initiatives. You will create a video for our social platforms to raise awareness and money for your chosen initiative. As an Ambassador, we also host monthly zooms for the team to create connections with one another and explore interpersonal philanthropic endeavors to help highlight those dearest to you.

You do not need an Instagram following to be an Ambassador. This is not an influencer program where we require anyone to post on Instagram or any social media platform. It's all about connecting with other human beings and being able to contribute to the initiatives that mean the most to you.

Every year The True Gem flies out the Ambassador team for a weekend of fun and connection with each other and with The True Gem team. We kick the weekend off on Friday with a welcome party hosted by The True Gem team. On Saturday we get together at our studio where we treat the Ambassadors to getting their hair, makeup and nails done and have a photoshoot and video interview with everyone. We end the night with a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant where we get to continue our connections with one another. Sunday is a free day in Dallas and travel day!

Once chosen as an Ambassador, you will receive a welcome box with some TGA swag, borrow some of your favorite True Gem pieces to model, travel to Dallas for Ambassador Weekend paid for by The True Gem, special discounts and more!

Our Ambassador discounts are:

Current Ambassadors: 15% off

Ambassadors Friends & Family (during Ambassadorship): 10% off

Ambassador Alumni: 10%