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Eco Fairmined Gold

Eco Fairmined Gold

As a people and planet over profit company, we are committed to taking thoughtful and effective steps towards a more mindful and responsible approach to our business. Up until this point, True Gem has offered recycled gold and platinum with the intention of reducing the devastating ecological and sociological effects of gold mining. As we have continued to seek a full understanding of the complexities of mining, we discovered that using recycled gold is simply not enough.

What is clear is that we must continue learning and pushing for the truth.

While recycled gold and platinum are a step towards reducing mining in theory, the truth is much more nuanced. Recycling gold does not prevent illegal mining operations in vulnerable communities. The most devastating effects of these operations include child labor, violence, toxic contamination of water and food supplies, as well as deforestation and, the continued use of fossil fuels. We must do more. 

These are hard truths and it’s important that we not look away when it matters the most. It's important that we are bold and transparent in the face of these injustices, pulling back the curtain on this industry and putting action behind our ethos. With these truths heavy on our hearts, we are more passionate than ever to take steps towards progress. We are proud to soon offer our clients Eco Fairmined Gold! 


Fairmined is an assurance label that provides the world with gold to be proud of. Small-scale mining organizations that carry the Fairmined certification offer the greatest opportunity for a positive social and environmental impact by addressing the ongoing issues surrounding mining rather than theoretically addressing consumption. Fairmined Gold offers mining communities the right support and incentives to mine differently and ethically.

The difference:

  • Formal and legal mining operations

  • No child labor

  • Environmental rehabilitation of native ecosystems

  • Restoration of forests in highly biodiverse areas

  • Healthy and safe working conditions

  • Traceability of Fairmined minerals

  • Supporting socio-economic development of communities

We are honored to offer Eco Fairmined Gold upon the launch of our new website (coming very soon!) and we will continue to offer recycled gold and platinum options as well. This is a beautiful opportunity for our True Gem Community to make a direct and lasting impact on the most vulnerable communities around the world.

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© Alliance for Responsible Mining


© Alliance for Responsible Mining


© Alliance for Responsible Mining 





© Alliance for Responsible Mining 

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