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2020-2021 Initiatives

2020-2021 Initiatives

The True Gem was formed out of the necessity to build a company that creates jewelry with integrity while putting people and the planet at the forefront of all we do. A company that is unassociated with labor trafficking, human rights abuses, or poor environmental impact. A company that is fair, unbiased, and unyielding in the belief that everyone has equal value and their representation matters. A company that fights for a healthier planet and contributes to the unstoppable wave of change and progress that is washing over the jewelry industry as we know it.

However, it is truly you, the consumer, who perpetuates change! With every purchase, you vote with your dollars and this voice is more powerful than any ad campaign a company could ever create. For this reason, we feel the most impactful way to influence positive change in the jewelry industry is through creating and nurturing our community by offering authentic transparency, exposing manipulative advertising of the past, and sharing our knowledge to empower you all to make purchasing decisions that can change the course of our future.

Concurrently, we as a company believe wholeheartedly in bringing forth meaningful change, holding ourselves accountable, and creating a culture to be proud of. Therefore today we are publicly sharing our 2020 efforts and our initiatives for 2021 while recognizing there is always more work to be done. We will continue to keep the conversation open, offer full transparency, and share updates on our perpetual journey to become a business that puts action behind its beliefs.

Thank you for being with us through it all. We deeply appreciate those who continue engaging in important conversations with our team and we are grateful to continue evolving, growing, and learning alongside the True Gem community!


To build a community that changes the way the world sees jewelry through the power of integrity, sustainable and eco-conscious practices, and valuing people and the planet over profit.


  • Assessed our employee diversity breakdown for the first time. Of the 37 total True Gem team members, 30% are BIPOC.

  • Evaluated our Mission Statement and all forms of communication. We made changes and put new protocols in place to ensure how we show up aligns with our company’s values.

  • Gave back to the True Gem community through our February Engagement Story Giveaway and our November Season of Gratitude Giveaway.

  • Put our marketing dollars towards representation by hiring and paying BIPOC to model our product and lifestyle photoshoots.

  • Committed to the continuous support of the LGBTQ community by donating 10% of ongoing Rainbow Jessie Band proceeds to ACLU.

  • Donated $10,000 to ACLU in solidarity with #BlackOutTuesday and pledged to seek ways to learn from and amplify voices who have endured oppression and racial injustice.

  • Launched our True Gem Ambassador initiative to amplify the voices and stories of individuals whose values align with our own. Though COVID has slowed our progress we still plan to spotlight our Ambassadors’ charities and donate grants towards their activism work.

  • Adjusted our social media strategy to better represent BIPOC. Of the 349 photos and videos posted to our social feeds since #BlackOutTuesday, 50% of those featured are BIPOC.


  • To measure the True Gem’s carbon footprint, offset our emissions, and offer carbon-neutral products to clients through our recently launched partnership with Carbon Credit Capital. To accurately assess our carbon emissions, we have also invited the suppliers of our consumables to join us as we pioneer change within our industry.

  • To fight for girls’ rights to choose if, when, and who they marry by launching a partnership with VOW to End Child Marriage. We will be producing three design concepts at various price points with the ongoing commitment to donate a percentage of these proceeds to VOW.

  • To gather feedback from the True Gem team on their preferred local charities and organizations. The True Gem company will be paying for our team’s time off to give back to our community with the intention to repeat annually.

  • To continue partnering with and seeking new ways to collaborate with BIPOC and LGBTQ communities with an emphasis on representation, inclusivity, equality, and body positivity.

  • To establish a new method of sharing verbal communications through social media to be more inclusive of jewelry lovers who are hard of hearing.

  • To create more diverse and inclusive hiring and interviewing processes for BIPOC and LGBTQ as our team continues to grow. This mission extends to part-time, full-time, lower level, and leadership level.

  • To continue expanding the representation of BIPOC in our social media efforts.

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