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Introducing Our 2023 True Gem Ambassadors!

Introducing Our 2023 True Gem Ambassadors!

Hello, True Gem Community,

We are thrilled to announce our 2023 True Gem Ambassadors! We started the TG Ambassador Program in 2020 with the intention of diversifying the jewelry community by amplifying the voices of our True Gem Community. Diversity to us was more than just showing our designs on different sizes and skin tones; it was about sharing the perspectives, passions, and life experiences of individual people. Our goal was to embrace the human experience in every way by prioritizing authenticity, connectedness, and unity. To us, it meant rejecting the unattainable perfectionism that we have all been taught to aspire to and replacing that with humanity. We had the most incredible journey with our 2020-2022 team of Ambassadors and we cannot wait to enter 2023 linking arms with both our new team and our alumni!

We first want to thank every person who took the time to bravely share their story with us during the submission process. Your willingness to be open and vulnerable with us was deeply treasured and getting to know each of you on such a personal level was incredibly special to our team. It was an honor to get a glimpse into your lives and the values you hold dear!

We have selected 12 incredible individuals that we felt exemplified the values of The True Gem to represent our company during the year of 2023 and we cannot WAIT to introduce them to you! They are compassionate, impressive, and benevolent people who inspire impactful change and connectedness within their communities. We feel truly fortunate to have them as a part of the TTG team! To see the full video click here, and to learn more about each Ambassador’s charity of choice, visit our Ambassador Page here! We are looking forward to sharing more about them and their values throughout their 2023 ambassadorship. Together, we will change the way the world sees jewelry!

Thank you for your endless love and support,

The True Gem Team

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