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COVID 19 Update

COVID 19 Update

We are all entering an unprecedented time in our history. Our economy has shifted drastically in a period of mere weeks. We are all having new experiences full of challenges and difficulty. We are confronted with an inability to predict the future, and we find ourselves determined to play our part in terms of seeking solutions to the new realities of our global economy. These circumstances require our sense of normal to be recalibrated, and this we will do.

One thing is clear, the survival of our businesses and our way of life will depend on our ability and willingness to innovate. 

We will all have a responsibility in creating our new normal, but it must be built through our grit and determination and ingenuity. It’s time to shelter in place but it’s also time to pioneer a new way forward. 

In the last 24 hours we at The True Gem have closed our showroom to the public. We have set up our team members to work safely from their homes. Our design team will continue to take appointments via Skype or FaceTime and other digital platforms. Our jewelers are setting up individual satellite shops in their homes in order to continue to make rings to fill your orders.

We also have a satellite quality control and shipping department that is responsible for sanitizing the jewelry and packaging before we send it your way.

Together with my partners and our senior staff, I am working around the clock to conceptualize and transform our business to fit our rapidly changing world.

While our sports and entertainment may be put on hold, it would be a mistake to believe our lives are on hold. This isn’t the time to stop our lives, but to adapt them and continue to press on with life.

Our priorities are centered around our people, which means our team and our clients. We want you to be healthy, happy and for your needs to be met. 

I let all of you know a few days ago that I would keep you posted on changes. While I don’t have all the answers just yet, I will continue to post to this highlight to keep everyone informed and to be as transparent as possible on the evolution of our company and our plans to continue to serve you all.

Here’s what we know now:

1. Rings currently in production will require approximately an additional two weeks for completion. This is necessary to allow us time to relocate our entire operation all over the metroplex while we shelter in place. We need a little time to vet new processes and ramp up our manufacturing. It’s entirely possible that some of you will receive your rings with a shorter delay than two weeks, and we will do everything in our power to get your rings to each of you as soon as possible. However, it’s realistic for you to expect some delay. Our team will be reaching out to everyone affected by these delays.  

2. We will be extending turnaround times for new incoming orders to approximately six weeks until further notice. Again, if we are able to produce and ship your rings more quickly, we certainly will do that. But there is so much that is unknown that we want to prepare all of our clients and to be as transparent as possible. 

3. We are putting a pause on all new requests for repair work until further notice. This does not pertain to repairs already sent to us. I am referring to new requests for ring sizing, warranty repair and trade-in. We are asking for an opportunity to reorganize our process and get caught up on new and existing orders before reopening our channels to receive repairs. Hang tight for now; we will get there!

Every single person that has been a part of our True Gem Community has played a role in our success, and we are very grateful for each of you. We will continue creating and posting our work. We will continue interacting with you and answering your questions. We are in this together. This company of ours is made up of some incredible individuals. Our people have inspiring talent and possess what it takes to innovate, evolve and adapt. I ask that you show us some grace and patience as we set out to achieve what was unimaginable only a few days ago. Together we will pioneer the way forward. 

Stay safe and keep laughing,

Lynne, Andy, Stephen & Jordan

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