Celebrating Earth Day in 2022!

Celebrating Earth Day in 2022!

Happy Earth Day, True Gem Community! We believe that the Earth should be honored every single day, which is why we've taken steps to create a better place for all. Traditional diamond and gold mining has existed for generations--but at what cost?

To protect the planet and its occupants, we've made it our mission to change how the world sees jewelry through the power of integrity, sustainability, and eco-conscious practices. 


This year we wanted to do something a little closer to home to increase our environmental efforts. To do so, we've donated money to Texas Trees Foundation, an urban forestry nonprofit based in Dallas, TX, to help reforest a North Texas  park. Our donation ultimately aids in creating a new, green legacy for North Texas by creating more livable communities that trees provide. 


One of our top priorities is to offset True Gem’s carbon footprint, which is why we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved manufacturing carbon neutrality! We've accomplished carbon zero manufacturing through our support of the US-based company Carbon Credit Capital (CCC). The initiative we have chosen to support is the Sichuan Household Biogas Program

This project protects the climate and human health in the following ways:

  • Reduces the risk of disease from animal waste
  • Replaces coal with free, clean burning, constantly renewable biogas made from animal waste
  • Provides substantial improvements to indoor air quality
  • Savings on health and energy costs
  • Affords local women employment opportunities and young children the capacity to go to school

CCC makes it their mission to fight climate change by making it easy for individuals and companies to achieve their sustainability goals through supporting emission reduction projects. For this reason, we're beyond excited to have reached one of our sustainability goals with the help of CCC. 


Eco Fairmined is an assurance label that provides the world with gold to be proud of, which is why Ecological Fairmined Gold is the most direct way you can support a positive change in the way gold is mined. Because of this, all of our engagement rings and wedding bands have the option to use Eco Fairmined Gold. While recycled gold and Fairmined gold are excellent steps in the direction of safe and responsible gold mining, Eco Fairmined Gold is the gold standard for mining at this time.

Unlike traditional gold mining, Eco Fairmined Gold is extracted and processed without using any toxic chemicals, while prioritizing the preservation and rehabilitation of native ecosystems. The small-scale mining organizations of Eco Fairmined Gold make it their mission to practice responsible socio-economic practices that respect the land and the community.


Protecting the Earth from human's harmful impact starts with all of us. We believe it is our responsibility to challenge the jewelry industry's standards on sourcing, traditions, and transparency at every opportunity, which is why we are proud to say that we are a company who values people and the planet over profit. 

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