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Big Announcement

Big Announcement

Hello Sparkle Lovers! 

This has been an important year for The True Gem and I am excited to share what we have been up to behind the scenes. So far in 2019 we have pulled back on promotions, contests and new product launches to give our full attention to maintaining quality in our craftsmanship, devoting ourselves to client services, and keeping our team happy and healthy. We have been designing new structures to fit our growing company and preparing for what is next. Even though it may seem that we have been a little quiet on social media, we promise we have exciting things in the works, and can’t wait to tell you more!

Today we are introducing TrueGem Lab Grown Diamonds! This means we are launching our own brand of lab-grown diamonds which will be released in a few separate phases. The first phase will be that of melee (smaller sizes). As of Tuesday, June 18th, True Gem rings will feature lab-grown diamonds rather than earth-mined diamonds in all of our designs. These diamonds are all cut with the highest stone-cutting standards; they are VS in clarity and D-F in color. They are absolutely gorgeous, and we are so proud to show you! Keep an eye out for the second phase of TrueGem Lab Grown Diamonds, in which TrueGem Lab Grown Diamond center stones will make their online debut in the coming months!  As many of you know, you can purchase lab-grown diamonds from us now, since most options are available when working directly through the team. 

We will still be featuring TrueGem Moissanite as center stone options online. What is changing is that we will be removing Charles and Colvard from the site. When we first launched The True Gem we had not yet developed our own brand of Moissanite. We began by developing shapes and sizes not offered by C&C. Today we offer more shapes, sizes and facet patterns than any other moissanite company in the world. It’s TIME! Our TrueGem Moissanite is relaunching in D-F color across the board in all our numerous shapes and sizes. For those of you who are wanting Charles and Colvard, they will still be available for order directly through the team.

Our website will be relaunching tomorrow, so keep an eye out for a few new additions including a TrueGem Lab Grown Diamond oval eternity band and few other surprises. We’ve also refined and tweaked some of our most popular designs and discontinued a few as well. Fear not! If your favorite True Gem design has been dropped from the site, it can still be ordered by working directly through the team. But this new lab-grown diamond center stone option will soon be easy to access by scrolling through the TrueGem Lab Grown Diamond options on the website.

From the beginning, The True Gem has focused on creating beautiful jewelry without compromising our principles and ethics. It has taken us some time to develop lab-grown diamonds in all the necessary sizes and shapes, and we are so excited to finally be ready to launch! We will be removing all earth-mined options from the website menus. But remember, these earth-mined options will still be available to those who prefer them by special order directly through the sales team. 

We at TTG feel right at home being at the forefront of progress. It is our ongoing pursuit is to make truly ethical and beautiful jewelry accessible and affordable. This is what we mean by “zero compromises”. We mean not having to compromise on the craftsmanship, design, materials used or the source of these materials. These are important times we are living in, and we are tremendously fortunate to be able to offer an option that is visually, chemically and physical identical to earth-mined diamonds but simply grown above ground! This alternative is environmentally and socially conscious as well as affordable. What an exciting time of progress and change in so many ways! We believe wholeheartedly in showing the world that beautiful jewelry does not have to come at the cost of our consciences. While we are aware that lab-grown diamonds are a bit of a hot topic currently, we also believe that they will be an integral part of the future. We believe it is time to embrace a smarter, kinder and brighter future, and one that satisfies the preferences of people with differing value systems. This means being inclusive, patient and generous with one another. These are principles that we know our True Gem community shares and understands.

To celebrate this milestone, we have decided to do something we have never done before. Our hearts are full of gratitude knowing that it is YOU, our clients, who have carried us this far. With that in mind, we have decided to put ALL of our rings on special to show our appreciation!  Yep, even engagement rings! This may be the only time we put our engagement rings on special, but these are Special times! This “Appreciation Celebration” will go live on Tuesday, June 18th, with the launch of our all lab-grown website and will remain live until Monday, June 24th 11:59 pm CST. 

The promo code will be: “Celebrate20” for wedding bands and lifestyle which is give everyone 20% off these pieces. For Engagement Ring it will be “Celebrate15” for 15% off!

We will be answering questions on our story this afternoon about lab-grown diamonds and the promotion.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us and being a part of a brighter future!

-Lynne, Andy, Jordan and Stephen (TheTrueGem4)


*This promotion excludes custom designs, loose diamonds and cannot be combined with any other offers.

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