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Lynne’s Birthday Drop: 22 New Designs!

This month we’re celebrating an extra-special milestone at The True Gem. Our founder, Lynne Armstrong, is commemorating her 40th birthday with the release of 22 brand new designs! 

Read on for a special message from Lynne and learn what inspired the designs in the Birthday Drop. In her own words, she describes why bringing this collection to life has been so personal and meaningful. 

“I’m stepping into something different this birthday. I can feel a shift. 

This is a deeply personal launch. It’s retrospective in some ways. An attempt at giving grace to my first 40 years. As well as my own thoughts and excitement about the next 40.

It’s an expression of the lessons I’ve learned… An accumulation of my own understanding of self-growth, of love, and how I have redefined success within my own life.

As women, it is communicated to us in countless ways that our ‘stock’ begins to go down in our late twenties, and then drops significantly at 40. Every little girl is taught that in a myriad of subliminal ways. 

My journey has led me to an intimate understanding that our value doesn’t diminish with age, it appreciates.

These pieces represent the beauty offered through life’s many journeys and serve as a reminder to celebrate the exponential value we all hold.  

I hope that we can continue to grow as a society and remind our little girls that there’s so much more to look forward to in the future. Their stock doesn't go down. Your depth, and your value, and your offering to the world continues to be enriched every year that you have the courage to continue.

Heart shaped diamonds represent this sentiment to me. There was a belief held within the jewelry industry that heart shapes were a bit gauche or tasteless. Industry experts used to look down on them. That idea was planted in my mind really early — maybe 4 or 5. I thought this MUST be true. I accepted it as absolute truth. Ouch. What an interesting lesson.

But what if they’re not? What if they’re cheeky and fun and a really self-indulgent expression of beauty? How connective could that actually be? 

Heart shaped diamonds have come a long way. The truth is they weren’t always cut as beautifully as they are today. The new frontier of lab grown diamonds have given way to fearless cutting practices that have centered beautiful proportions over potential rough loss. This mindset has elevated the standard in cut proportions across the board. Anytime beauty is elevated, I am elated. I love being a part of that evolution. I love hearing colleagues within the jewelry industry gush over beautiful heart shape cut proportions as if it is a novelty. It represents a bright future in lab grown diamonds as well as setting a new standard in overall aesthetics.  



To me now, heart shaped diamonds are a reminder to be careful about the stories I tell myself. Stories I tell myself about what’s happened to me, about other people, or about life in general. The assumptions that we make. The lines that we draw. Or the blanks that we fill in. To be careful about what we choose to tell ourselves. Prioritizing curiosity and imagination has never been more important than it is today. Let’s be careful about what we accept as truth.

This is my pinky promise to be very mindful of those things and all that it applies to. To be open to, and to have spaciousness and imagination about who I want to become. I would like to become someone uninhibited by who I have been.

And the fact is, I'm not done with that yet. I am still becoming.

As I am continuing to put down the things that don’t serve me, the things that aren’t really true, I am starting to find the courage to embrace what I do believe is true. And what my value system says, is that I value empathy, depth and wisdom. I think that beauty is misunderstood in our society. The things that I have come to value the most have taken me the longest to acquire, to learn, and to develop. So if that's truly what is of value in life, then the adventure waiting for me beyond 40 is really exciting.

It’s the beginning of something. 

These pieces are a part of me. But they’re not just for me.  

They’re for you. And for your story.

They’re for us. For the community we’ve built. And for what we will continue to build together in the future.

Thank you for celebrating with me, for embracing my very personal way of expressing my love and for allowing me this opportunity to grow and evolve as a person”

— Lynne 

Our True Gem community can purchase any of the 22 new pieces from Lynne’s Birthday Drop here as part of our Holiday Sale!

No code is needed as discounts will be applied at checkout through November 14th at 11:59pm CT:

  • 10% OFF purchases under $1,999
  • 15% OFF purchases between $2,000 - $4,999
  • 20% OFF purchases over $5,000

Stay tuned for special giveaways from the Birthday Drop November 814 via our Instagram page. Turn on your IG notifications so you don’t miss out, and good luck!

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