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The True Gem Four

The True Gem Four

So how did we grow with our increasing demand and maintain our culture? This is when “The True Gem Four” comes into play. We are incredibly fortunate and grateful to have the exceptional talent, passion, devotion, and goofiness of Jordan and Stephen Kasallis, and we could not begin to imagine what The True Gem would be without them. Jordan and Stephen joined forces with Andy and Lynne as partners of The True Gem in July of 2017, and thus, “The True Gem Four” came to fruition. Since then, Jordan and Stephen have elevated our operations in countless ways, so much to the point that we are left wondering how we ever did this without them! Apart from their inherent giftedness, they are just good people, and they both have infinite knowledge and passion to share.

As a partner at The True Gem, Stephen Kasallis fills several roles, from streamlining the production of our current designs to heading up our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) department. Stephen brings our design concepts to life, and not only does he make them functional, but he also makes them beautiful beyond our wildest imaginations.

Jordan Kasallis has an independent, defiant spirit and fearlessly chases his dreams. He is passionate about doing something the right way or not at all. One of our favorite things about Jordan is that he is always learning something new, he is always finding a way to further his craft in the shop, a perpetual student. There's something incredibly pure about his intrinsic enthusiasm, and you can see it in his work.

We are deeply fortunate to have Stephen and Jordan’s enduring commitment, and that the path they forged led them here. It is truly a team effort at The True Gem and it takes everyone involved to continue living by our values of creating beautiful, sustainable jewelry while prioritizing people and the planet over profit in all that we do.

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