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A Passion Project

A Passion Project

In October of 2016, with no grand expectations, Andy and Lynne launched a little passion project called The True Gem. They both had been in the jewelry industry their entire adult lives and shared a deep love for gemstones and the entire jewelry-making process. This industry is actually what brought Lynne and Andy together! They married and embarked on this journey, with their first adventure being the creation of fine jewelry that symbolizes love, all without sacrificing their shared ethics or risking the environment.

Countless lessons have been learned over the years and so much has happened that was not part of the plan, but what an adventure it has been! While keeping our hearts open and sharing our passions, the True Gem Community was born. You have all become so much more to us than clients, and The True Gem has become so much more to us than a business. It has become very important to take care of our relationships and the ongoing trust that we have built. We don’t want the personalized experience to change even as we continue to expand as a company, and because of this, countless hours have been spent strategizing the right way for The True Gem to grow. 

We aren’t like any other fine jewelry company, and honestly, we don’t ever want to be! Reimagining the way jewelry is purchased and created is a fundamental part of what we are so passionate about. We have no desire to become a big corporation, but we instead want to grow a business we are proud of and support our family in the process. Above all else, we will continue to prioritize the connection we have built with our clients and refuse to compromise our quality or integrity along the way.

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